Is Presto Player the best video player for Wordpress?

By Fernando Arbex

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In a nutshell, find out if this player meets your needs. Spoiler: most likely yes.

First let me quickly introduce what it is and how you can benefit from it:

  • It is a video player for WordPress
  • It's feature rich
  • It's lightweight
  • It's fast
  • It's stable
  • It's responsible
  • É muito barato em comparação às hospedagem de vídeo (Vimeo, Wistia, Spotlightr, VdoCipher…)
  • It's secure (HSL encryption and dynamic overlay)
  • It's super customizable (You can add your own branding)
  • And much more

Who is behind Presto Player and why is it important?

Presto Player is developed by Prestomade. None other than Adam Preiser of WPCrafter, also well known for creating WordPress videos focused on the beginning users to the middleman and Andre Gagnon, a veteran WordPress plugin developer.

And why is it important to know who is behind the project?

If you have an online business, you have to worry, a lot, with the plugins you install on the website, as this will avoid huge headaches, not to mention more about the performance and security of the website.

It is also important to know that the developer has a long-term view and is trustworthy to prevent you from investing time and resources, so that in the end you end up having to switch to another plugin.

These guys are there to stay and to grow even more.


Some of the main features that most caught my attention were:

  • Video security
    You can protect the video with HSL encryption by preventing it from being downloaded. (coming soon)
  • Muted playback
    Allows you to run the video without sound, with subtitles and an overlay image without having to play the video. This is my favorite resource because in addition to being very attractive, it allows your video to be searchable on the internet, SEO thanks you.
  • Dinamyc Watermarking
    This feature is to prevent recording via screen recorders, programs that record your computer screen. (coming soon)
  • Player customization
    With this feature you can customize the player based on where it will be displayed, for example, if you are using it within the course, you enable speed control, maximization, time advance etc. If you are in a marketing video, release only the play button and auto start with caption.
  • Video thumbnail
    It allows to set to a personalized cover of the video (thumbnail).
  • Markers
    Markers are specific points on the video that you would like to have pre-defined for easier viewing of the video at strategic points.
  • Floating Player
    When you scroll down the page, the player is floating in the corner of the screen so you can continue watching while browsing the page.
  • Speed control
    It allows your audience to choose the speed that best suits them.
  • Analytics
    Player information without the need for an external source with Google Analitycs.
  • Performance
    The player is super lightweight allowing the site to load quickly without losing performance.
  • 10s skip
    Fast forward or rewind 10s of the video with just a click of the mouse.
  • Markers
    You can add bookmarks to jump right to the point on the video you want. Think of them as a clickable index. This feature is great for longer videos.
  • Save position and volume
    A very cool feature is that the player saves the position and volume you left the video in case you need to go out and watch it at another time, similar to what Netflix and other streaming services have.
  • Self-hosted
    You can host your video in different places like your own server, Amazon S3,,, YouTube and more.
  • Shortcode
    In addition to the native integrations it already has with Elementor and Beaver builder, it can be used in any page builder such as Oxygen Builder, Thrive Architect, Live Canvas among others.
  • Mail capture
    Allows you to capture the email after a percentage of the video watched.


One, very interesting detail is that they will or have already integrated with the best plugins for WordPress such as:

  • Oxygen
    Native element where you can configure the player inside the builder
  • FluentCRM
    Possibility to apply TAG based on the video viewing time
  • BuddyBoss
    Run the player natively within the platform
  • BuddyBoss App
    Possibility to download the lesson to watch offline
  • LearnDash
    Progression of the video where you can control that the student moves to the next lesson only if you watch the video
  • TutorLMS
    Same as LearnDash

It is worth saying that the integrations will give an unattainable potential when compared to other players in the market.


Below are some examples of the videos:

Private video:

Please login for access. Login

Only appears for logged in users

HSL unsecured video:

Unencrypted video is hosted on

Video hosted on YouTube:

Note that it is difficult to see that it is a YouTube video

Can I run on another website?

If you want to run the video on another platform, such as Clickfunnels, LeadLovers, Hotmart, Eduz will it run?

The answer is no! At the moment the Presto Player was developed to run only on WordPress and therefore you are limited to this scenario only.

The good thing is that WordPress is free, highly customizable, super powerful and you only stand to gain by using it.

Soon I will make a post comparing WordPress with several other platforms.


In terms of resources, there is no denying that this player has all the main resources (and even more) that competitors have.

In just one player you will have the resources you need, without having to pay for various services to achieve your goals.

For example, if you want a secure player, you will have to resort to the super expensive Wistia or VdoCipher, if you want a lot of customization, Vimeo, if you want the Dynamic Overlay feature, I only know VdoCipher.

Now, if you want all the features of the big players and still have the integrations of the aforementioned WordPress super plugins, then you can only count on Presto Player.

I have tested it extensively to say that it is a solid product, with great differential and with disruptive characteristics.

Where do I buy and what is the price?

Prices are as follows:

One site: $69/ano
Equivalent to R$372,00
25 sites: $99/year
Equivalent to R$534,00
25 sites lifetime: $299 (3 years support)
Equivalent to R$1614,00

* Considering the quotation of $1 Dollar to R$5.40 Reais

But if you run, you can get it with 25 sites lifetime with launch discount for just $199 (equivalent to R$1074.00) and you can pay by clicking this link

Fernando Arbex

He's an entrepreneur passionate about technology and human development. Working for years with IT, he believes that the path to a more harmonious and just society will be through the use of technology in an intelligent and conscious way.

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